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Smart Philosophy

ASYMmetric Smart Solutions are built on the philosophy of capital preservation, offering the potential for greater wealth creation with less risk. A capital preservation approach to investing leans into the power of compounding rates of return. Portfolios that avoid large losses do not need large gains to deliver the same or greater returns with less risk.

Smart Solutions

ASYMmetric’s Smart Solutions are changing the investing paradigm with ETFs that seek to deliver more of what investors are looking for: greater equity returns or higher income with less risk.

Smart Technology

ASYMmetric’s Smart Solutions are quantitatively driven, rules-based strategies powered by our proprietary Smart Technology – ASYMmetric Risk Management Technology™, developed with one clear goal: to help provide protection against bear market losses.

Our Smart Technology accurately measures market risk, which it classifies into three risk-environments: bull, uncertain or bear market. As market risk increases, our Smart Technology lowers portfolio risk.

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