Transforming the Way
Main Street Invests

Designed to generate positive returns across bear and bull markets.

Why ASYMmetric ETFs™?

Engineered to produce ASYMmetric Returns: the potential to Make Money in Bear Markets and to Capture the Majority of Bull Market gains.

Designed to Optimize Portfolios: the potential to Lower Risk and Improve Performance.

Turn-Key Investment Solutions that offer the potential benefits of: Protection, Consistency and Diversification.

     Protection.                            Consistency.                         Diversification.

Designed to make money in bear markets.
Seeks to generate positive returns across all market cycles.
Engineered to provide uncorrelated returns.

Introducing a Disruptive Risk Management Tool

ASYMmetric’s suite of dynamically hedged strategies is opening new frontiers in portfolio risk management – ASYMmetric Returns – defined as the potential to make money in bear markets and capture the majority of bull market gains. ASYMmetric returns can be uncorrelated which may reduce the risk and improve the performance of your existing stock and bond portfolio.

News & Media

FEB 01, 2023

ASYMmetric Launches Smart Income and Smart Alpha Funds

The Smart Income ETF (MORE) and Smart Alpha S&P 500 ETF (ZSPY) seek to generate more income and alph...

JUN 24, 2022

ASPY Wins Newcomer Strategic Beta ETF of 2022

ASYMmetric S&P 500® ETF (ASPY) was awarded Newcomer Strategic Beta ETF of the Year at the 2022 With...

MAY 05, 2022

CEO Darren Schuringa on Exchange

ASPY generated alpha by not losing. ASPY outperformed the S&P 500 by 4.7% since inception (3/9/21) t...

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