ASYMmetric Risk Management Technology™

ASYMmetric Returns: An Uncorrelated Path to Wealth Creation

ASYMmetric Risk Mangement Technology™ is a rules-based, quantitatively driven, long / short hedging technology engineered to produce ASYMmetric returns. This technology powers ASYMmetric ETFs' investment strategies.

ASYMmetric returns are typically uncorrelated to stocks and bonds and have the potential to make money in a bear market and to capture most of the upside of a bull market, a less volatile path to alpha generation. 

Measure, Monitor, and Manage Market Risk

ASYMshares™ ASYMmetric S&P 500® ETF

ASYMmetric Risk Management Technology is designed to accurately measure, monitor, and manage market risk.

MEASURE: Proprietary price-based indicators accurately measure current market risk.

MONITOR: Market risk is classified into three Risk-Environments: bull, bear, and uncertain.

MANAGE: Net exposure is symetically adjusted in an effort to position the portfolio to profit in a bull or bear market.

Measure Market Risk

ASYMshares™ ASYMmetric S&P 500® ETF


  • Seek to accurately measure current market risk
  • Price accounts for 100% of all known information


  • Effectively indentifies maket trends
  • Driven by the 200-day simple moving average


  • Accurately measures market volatility
  • Powered by PriceVol™, our proprieatry measure of realized market volatility



Monitor Market Risk

ASYMshares™ ASYMmetric S&P 500® ETF



Market risk is categorized into three RISK-ENVIRONMENTS:

RISK-OFF (Bear Market)

  • Market is trending down and realized volatilty is high

RISK-ELEVATED (Uncertain Market)

  • Market is trending down and realized volatility is low

RISK-ON (Bull Market)

  • Market is trending up and realized volatility is low


Manage Market Risk

ASYMshares™ ASYMmetric S&P 500® ETF

NET EXPOSURE is systematically adjusted in an effort to position the portfolio to profit in a bull or bear market.

RISK-OFF (Bear Market)

  • Net ExposureNEGATIVE
  • Portfolio positioned to generate positive returns in a bear market

RISK-ELEVATED (Uncertain Market)

  • Net Exposure: ZERO
  • Portfolio positioned to preserve capital in an uncertain market

RISK-ON (Bull Market)

  • Net Exposure: POSTIVE
  • Portfolio positioned to capture majority of upside in a bull market

Diversify Your Portfolio with ASYMmetric Returns

ASYMmetric returns have the potential to optimize a traditional stock and bond portfolio - lower the risk and improve the performance.

Adding ASYMmetric returns to your portfolio may provide a smoother path to portfolio alpha.

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